Phantom Troupe’s Feitan.

— “My memories…my feelings…I pass them all to you. Please…let all this end with me.”

Phantom Troupe (Hunter X Hunter ep. 97)


Myself as Machi from Hunter x Hunter (2011) 

Last year I had a really rough time with cosplay, and I have decided to keep it a secret pretty much until now because of all the drama in the community. I have lost myself and the real reason why I do this amazing art form, and even thought about giving up. I could go on and on but basically Machi just made me realise once again why I love what I do, so it’s a really special costume to me.

Anyway, I’ll be posting the making of on my website as soon as I can so stay tuned!

Photo by Amisu


TheGothica Cosplay is now on Facebook, on a shared page with Zushi Cosplay!

So since me and my boyfriend are pretty much a cosplay group now, we’ve decided to make a facebook page. I HAVE GIVEN IN TO THE NEEDS OF THE COMMUNITY!

Anyway, you guys can now follow my work on FB. Of course I’ll still post everywhere else and my website is still (and will always be) running, so don’t worry :3 I hope you guys enjoy the page! 

If you guys like my cosplay, make sure to follow!! 

(Source: lsaac)

(Source: lsaac)

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